v1.43/08nov17 SMS Absolute Minimum Notes
NOTE:... THIS copy (on WebSite) is the OFFICIAL COPY... Use the "sms-cheats.wri" as a CACHE COPY...
===== OTHER DOCS ===== ===== ===== ===== =====
-See documents:
-SMS-CHEATS.WRI -------------------------------------> ;This document (overview and gotchas)
-SMS Procedures for BWDSB Image Deployment.doc ;DJ/FJ document work&testing being done
-BWDSB - SMS 2003 Architecture Plan.doc ;Angus document on layout/structure
-SMS 2003 with SQL 2000 Primary Site Installation Guide.doc ;Johns steps install PRIMARY
-SMS 2003 Secondary Site Installation Guide 1.2.doc ;Johns steps to install Secondary Sites
===== OVERALL REMINDERS ===== ===== =====
-Allow TIME for proper job... 1 day each for:
    -Convert Ghost image to WIM image then to Imaging Package
    -Test Image via OSD (Operating System Deployment)
    -Distribute image to Distribution Point(s)
    -Actual Deployment (Advertisement, monitor, etc.), then fix problems!
-Agreement is OSD only used for 10 or more similar machines (not worth it for less)
-Don't image if the weather looks bad (power failure results in MANUAL imaging!!!)
-DeepFreeze "maintenance" windows (unthawed) is from 1AM TO 6AM (5 hours)
-Run report "All advertisements for a specific computer" (ensure nothing running... prevent loop!)
-Manually check that all recent advertisements are "disabled"!! (Advertisements(StatusColumn):ALL-Disabled)
    ...On any Advertisements "Enabled", RtClk:AllTasks> DisableProgram
-Imaging will START much sooner IF machines are LOGGED OUT (otherwise they wait >15 minutes after notify)
===== Installing Advanced Client = =====
-Ensure machines are on (Use WOLcmd) and THAWED (Use DeepFreeze Console (or command line)
-In SMS Console, RtClk collection> AllTasks> InstallClient> AdvanceClient>
    ( )Include only clients assigned to this site (CLEAR THIS!!)
    ( )Include sub-collections (usually cleared)
    (x)Always install (repair or upgrade existing client)
    ...you should see traffic go out from \\bw-sms001 within a minute
    ...after 10min, go Collection> AllTasks> UpdateCollectionMembership to see
===== PRE-TASKS ===== ===== ===== =====
-Get an email of exactly what image goes onto what machines, and store under bbs "sms related"
-Run Kevin's report in heat to get a list/printout of the machines in the school
-SnagIt Heat (Accessory> TableMaint> Equipment(dropdown)> Record> Find> "Config.name like gbsrm228%"> Search
-Set up and test WOLcmd (put into \\XXX-sms001\C$\WOLcmd (*.bat)
-Test that WOL (WakeOnLan) is set in BIOS on all ws's and test that it works
-RDP into a machine, and RECORD the NIC and STORAGE driver versions!!!(at the school)
-Get a count and list of ALL pc's in that room (compare heat to actual count, etc)
-Get a copy of the NIC and Storage drivers, and record the versions (make sure driver PROPER/CURRENT!)
-Create an IpCheck list of the machines (or batch ping, etc.) and make sure all machines are working
-Have someone check all dvd drives, and that ALL pc's are operational (they power up and log in!!!)
===== Image Package ===== ===== ===== =====
-Put correct NIC and Storage drivers in \\bw-sms001\"Driver Files"(share)\[Network|Storage]
-Build image package (if not exist)...
    A-gather to wim in \\bw-sms001\ImageCaptures
    B-build to package in \\bw-sms001\ImageBaseFiles
-Do a TEST OSD (Operating System Deployment) to ONE OR TWO units only
===== COLLECTION ===== ===== ===== =====
-RDP (mstsc /console) to bw-sms001.bwdsb.on.ca ( use AD login...
-Run "SMS Administrator Console"...
-Create a new collection (or refresh if re-using)(if it is direct membership), or refresh it if it is query based
-Check the collection to make sure all ws's are listed as Assigned=YES,Obsolete=NO,Active=YES
-Throw a folder __fred (thawed!) so you KNOW after imaging that it is a new image (good
  confirmation)... you can connect to c$ and admin$ share from the sms console & throw in there!!
  ...do this from the collection, and RtClk> SmsTools> "Connect To C$"
===== PROGRAM(CopyMethod) ===== ===== ===== =====
-(ALWAYS)Create a NEW program (once a program is ran, it won't run again)... just an xml file, small!
-Use the "COPY" feature when creating a new program (saves entering XP s/n etc)
-Use "smsimaging/Siie..." acct (Program> Network(tab)>"credentials" so password WON'T change!)
-Make sure the "( )Disable this Program on computers where it is advertised" is CLEARED in the program
-After creating a new program, remember to RtClk(DistribPoints)> UpdateDistribPoints (NOT REFRESH!!!)
===== PROGRAM(CreateNewMethod) ===== ===== ===== =====
-Skip this section if you already created a program using the CopyMethod above)...
-(ALWAYS)Create a NEW program (once a program is ran, it won't run again)... just an xml file, small!
-Drill ImagePackages> "PKG-PkgName"> Programs(RtClk)> New> OperatingSystemProgram (name: PGM-xxx)
-ProductKey: R9CMB-V9TG7-V....-74HTF-X7XHJ(NEXT)
-Domain:BWDSB.ON.CA, then Account:(Set)BWDSB.ON.CA\smsimaging[Siie+....], then "clear"( )CreateRandomPwd
-Drill to this Program> Properties> General(tab)(clear "Disable")
...UserNotif(tab):FillInDept, Clear "File" to display, and Timeout=15min
-Go to Network(tab):clear"Use the existing static ip"
-Go to Advanced(tab):StateRestore(Phase):, then "Add", Custom...
...Name:"Login Fix",CommandLine:defaultdomain.vbs,Files:\\bw-sms001\scripts\DefaultDomain.vbs... APPLY
-After creating a new program, remember to RtClk(DistribPoints)> UpdateDistribPoints (NOT REFRESH!!!)
===== ADVERTISEMENT ===== ===== ===== =====
-Ensure that the GPO for setting default domain to BWDSB is in the OU for these computers!!!
-Ensure that all machines are THAWED, or do during maintenance window!
-Ensure that all previous advertisements are DISABLED!! (RtClk> Disable) (Advertisements> Status(column))
    **Actually disables PROGRAM (Sets "(x)Disable this Program on computers where it is advertised')
-Only have ONE mandatory assignment (time) in an advertisement
-Create an advertisment
-Push out advertisement... go Collection> RtClk:SmsTools> RefreshMachinePolicies
===== MONITOR ===== ===== ===== ===== =====
-Watch "Reporting> Reports> AllAdvertisementsForASpecificCollection" (see this screenshot for an example
of good steps... ScreenShotOfSuccessfulImageDeployment.png
===== POST IMAGING ===== ===== ===== ===== =====
-Update the image in the HEAT ASSET information
===== END ===== ===== ===== ===== =====